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7 Best water sports destinations in the USA

water sports destinations in the USA

Kayaking at Lake Tahoe

One of the most gorgeous places is Lake Tahoe which makes this place the best water sports destination to visit. To begin with, the place is surrounded by crystal clear water. You can hire a boat for yourself, thus it will be a lifetime experience. One can start moving along the coastline or they can gradually travel to the middle of the lake, it depends on the individual. At times, when you’re sailing in the lake, you might feel like flying. It’s just one of a kind. 

Jet Skiing in Miami  

Jet Skiing is a fun activity to do in Miami. Besides fun, the journey while you go Skiing alongside a breathtaking view of the scenic waters. The city skyline is the backdrop feels really good while Skiing in the waters. Sometimes, when you’re having fun alone there will be new visitors to accompany you, the cute dolphins.

Snorkel in Key West, Florida

Key West has got one of the best places for Snorkeling. Here in the Caribbean Sea, you can see a variety of fishes in all kinds of shapes, colors, species, etc. You can rent a snorkel for the best price or you can bring your snorkel. By the way, while snorkeling underwater you can learn and explore so much about marine life.  

Sailing at the Golden Gate, San Francisco

The Sailing trip under the Golden Gate Bridge is such a heart soothing activity to do in the USA. While you’re sailing you get to experience the most beautiful sunsets of San Francisco, as soon as the sunsets the sky starts to light up and the stars will shine, the San Francisco skyline attracts the most. You will be provided with a complimentary drink during the journey. You’ll sail past few islands during the journey. You get to see the most historic ships of San Francisco lined up on the way.

Rafting the Grand Canyon, Arizona

The craziest rafting in the states is the one and only Grand Canyon, Arizona. You will be rafting down the Colorado River, which has got the great magnitude of the water. Your heart will feel so good as you raft through this river. Early summer or late spring will be the right time to visit this place. The weather will be warm and nice while you raft. When you feel the coolness of the water while you raft, it will be one of the best feelings in the world.

Power Boating in San Diego Bay

California has got a beautiful sea. The waters here are just so attractive. To get an oceanic experience, rent a powerboat in San Diego Bay, and enjoy life to its fullest. You can join powerboats for just a day and have fun at the sea. You can feel the luxury while you ride on a powerboat. It will be such a fierce ride into the San Diego Bay, for sure.

Scuba Diving in Maui, Hawaii

People say Snorkeling is cool, but wait until you dive, Scuba Diving is cooler. One can just get along with the marine kingdom, just explore, learn and even interact with the species. Once you experience, scuba diving you will never be able to get out from its fascination. It can just blow your mind away, comparing to this water sport, I don’t think you will be able to find any other.…

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Best 6 Destinations to spend Christmas in the USA

This list Was Actual Recommended to me by my friend who owns a Medical Spa Clinic Wellness- Doing Mobile IV Therapy in los Angeles. USA is a country in Northern America that is notable for its Christmas celebration. December is the time for which Americans and travelers from all over the world wait throughout the year. December is the month for celebration! There are endless places where one can spend Christmas in the USA to relax, enjoy with their family members, free from scheduled work, and many more.

places to celebrate christmas in usa

Here are the best six destinations to spend Christmas in the USA!

New York City

New York City is one of the best destinations in the USA. You should have a look at the decorations with blinding lights and beauty with snow. This place attractive during the time of Christmas. You can also go shopping in Manhattan. The decorations of the shops are with traditional decors. You can also visit the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Centre.


Colorado – A beautiful snow-covered hilly area. It is the best place to have a ski holiday. It would be best if you enjoyed traveling to this place. It is a gateway for relaxation during Christmas time in the USA. It is one of the famous places where you can go skiing. This place has luxurious resorts where you can celebrate Christmas. 


It is a windy city, and the weather condition is very soothing. Wind with snow is a combination of the most fantastic weather during Christmas. The city decoration with colorful lights and the view is fascinating. You must visit this city and enjoy the heritage of German. You will be mesmerized to see the market overflowed with crafts, traditional toys, and food during the Christmas season. One must visit the giant Christmas tree in Millennium Park. 


Another state in the USA where you can visit is Florida. It is one of the best destinations during Christmas. Here you can enjoy Christmas in the sand and not in the snow with a mild temperature. It is a beach destination in the USA. Additionally, you can visit Walt Disney World. On the 25th day of December, all the Florida cities are enlightened, and you can also see the boat parades, which is quite fascinating.

Puerto Rico

You can visit this territory as it provides a break from shivering cold weather. It is an exceptional place to visit as this island has its style of celebrating Christmas. It would be best if you enjoyed the decoration of the city with lights and delicious food. If you want to be a part of this unique celebration, then do visit Puerto Rico.


Alaska- A state filled with festivals and events during Christmas. You can visit this place to see the beautiful sculptures made with ice, and you can also try dog sledding. The most attractive part of this state is the Northern Lights which you should not miss after visiting Alaska. 

These are the best six destinations where you can visit during the biggest celebration in the USA. These are the places where you can go for relaxation and enjoy as well. You can enjoy a luxurious holiday in December with your family enjoying Christmas! You will enjoy the beauty of the places that will give you peace of mind.

Thanks Again to my friends over at clinic wellness Medical Spa Los Angeles